Social Enterprise Academy

                              Join like-minded people to tackle the world’s most complex and urgent problems.

                              Our Social Entrepreneurship Academy is a six-week program designed to help our students, staff and recent graduates build a social enterprise.?

                              Workshops will include panel discussions with social entrepreneurs and draw on UQ expertise on the latest social entrepreneurship tools and methodologies to foster real-world experience. The program will support you to transform your ideas into sustainable action.

                              Applications for the Semester 1 program have closed.

                              Over six weeks, you will attend weekly workshops on how to develop?a sustainable project that addresses a social or environmental need.

                              Sessions will also include contact with the local social entrepreneurship ecosystem and first-hand recounts of some of the challenges social entrepreneurs face.

                              Self-paced schedule

                              • Session 1. Social Entrepreneurship 101
                                An overview of social entrepreneurship, the local ecosystem and form teams.
                              • Session 2.??Exploring the problem
                                Understand the basics of design-thinking and the importance of problem discovery.??
                              • Session 3.??Design Thinking
                                Understand the importance of human-centred design, and the relevance of using Design Thinking in your process
                              • Session 4.??Investment and Business Model Panel
                                Discussion with industry experts about financing your social enterprise and the importance of robust business models
                              • Session 5.??Business Models and Pitching.?
                                Learn how to put together your business model and how to pitch it
                              • Session 6.??Get feedback
                                Pitch your own idea or business and get feedback from mentors.

                              This program is for students, staff and alumni from any faculty?with?an interest in creating?organisations that:

                              • meet a community need, i.e.: housing, education,?food security or economic opportunity for marginalised groups
                              • create a business model to be both the ends and means of a social goal
                              • demonstrate better ways of doing business
                              • generate income for another charitable or community purposes.

                              Don’t have an idea?

                              We can match you with a team based on your skill sets and interests. You’ll be provided with hands-on training and mentoring to test and prototype a social enterprise idea.

                              Applications are currently closed and will reopen in July.?

                              Social Enterprise Semester Two

                              Applications open 15 July 2020
                              Program commences Wednesday 19?August 2020 from 12-2pm


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