Pop-up workshops

                              We work with UQ course coordinators?to?deliver tailored two-hour entrepreneurial workshops across all disciplines.

                              Our workshops are structured around five key concepts and focus on practical problem-solving, using industry-relevant challenges. Ventures Pop-ups will help develop students’ entrepreneurial mindset, empowering them to be creative, adaptable, tolerant of ambiguity and risk, and able to learn from failure. The skills your students develop?can help them be successful in whatever they choose to do.

                              Our workshops:

                              • are delivered by the UQ Ventures team during lectures, tutorials or as an additional event
                              • cover five different topics developed in partnership with the?Business School
                              • are co-designed in consultation with course coordinators
                              • use?industry-relevant challenges

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                              2. Customer discovery workshop

                              To design meaningful solutions, we first need to understand what the underlying problem is and, most importantly, how it affects real people.

                              This?two-hour workshop is designed to teach students how to empathise with customers and users so they can better understand their problems and, ultimately, design more impactful solutions.?We use a user-centric?approach as well as specific frameworks developed by the UQ Ventures?team, such as the UPI (user, problem, impact).

                              In this workshop your students will learn how to:

                              • frame complex problems?
                              • understand and target the user
                              • design measurable, achievable?and sustainable solutions

                              This workshop is?particularly relevant for students who want to build sustainable solutions,?but may not have a background in business.


                              How it works

                              1. Contact us:?Let us know which topic you're interested in and the course you coordinate
                              2. Collaborate:?We will get in touch and work with you on content
                              3. We deliver:?Our Ventures staff will deliver the workshop to your students

                              Ask an entrepreneur

                              We teamed up with entrepreneurs from all walks of life to answer your questions.

                                Embedding in Curriculum

                                There are a wide range of opportunities to embed entrepreneurial education in the curriculum at UQ. Take a look at the resources and development opportunities available to staff through the UQ Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation.


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