UQ Founders Pledge

                              Entrepreneurial networks creating lasting impact

                              The University of Queensland has a well-established and highly active entrepreneurship ecosystem. With a growing number of UQ alumni undertaking highly successful ventures, the UQ Founders Pledge is an opportunity for founders to join and give back to the UQ entrepreneurial community in a meaningful way.

                              Join the UQ Founders Pledge and create change in the right way for you.

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                              The UQ Founders Pledge allows our entrepreneurial community to partner with UQ to create a shared vision for the future. Entrepreneurs are people of action who want to create change and solve problems, and UQ is committed to supporting their success.

                              Philanthropy and entrepreneurialism are a natural match. At UQ, we know that people who start their own ventures often want to create a meaningful and lasting impact on society.

                              Your pledge

                              To join, simply register your interest. When the timing is right for you – typically after your company’s sale or IPO – our team can help to facilitate your gift.

                              There is no minimum commitment, every gift to UQ is deeply appreciated and enhances UQ’s ability to create knowledge leadership for a better world.?

                              Member benefits

                              As an industry leader, UQ has the educational foundations, established ecosystem, alumni entrepreneurs and engagement pathways to support you as a founder.


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                              Access to MBA-style?bootcamps??

                              Our founders

                              Jamien Zimmermann
                              Founder and CEO, TravelSIM Australia
                              Sally McPherson
                              Chief Executive Officer, iSeekplant.com.au
                              Josh Hammond
                              Founder/Director and Cinematographer, HINT Media
                              Robert Quinn
                              Co-founder and CEO, Patch'd Medical
                              Josh Tambunan
                              UQ’s Chief Student Entrepreneur
                              Alastair Blenkin
                              Founder and CEO, Hyra iQ
                              James Swanston
                              Founder and CEO, Voyage Control
                              Jason Titman
                              Director, integr8 Investment Group, Board Advisor, COO & CFO Neto
                              Mark Schroder
                              Founder and General Manager, SurfSpeak
                              Stephanie Derrington
                              Founder and CEO, Allergo
                              Josh Mackenzie
                              Chairman and Founder, DBL Group.
                              Zoe Black
                              Co-Founder, Happy Paws Happy Hearts
                              Graeme Caplen
                              Co-Founder and Director, Happy Paws Happy Hearts
                              Rachel Huang
                              CEO at Powersphere, Founder of Vizor
                              Tim Marks
                              Director of Engineering, Revenue Experience, Twitter. Co-founder and CTO, OtherLevels.

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                              For more information about the UQ Founders Pledge,?contact

                              Maritza Messina , Global and?Institutional Philanthropy,?UQ




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